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In January we asked TMR Members to share their stories of success with us. Tasha Fung was one of our first member spotlight entries and we are excited to follow-up with her to find out where she is now.

Tasha’s Member Spotlight Story:

Prior to starting at the Motion Room I had been a member at multiple gyms and tried various bootcamps/exercise classes to no avail. So when I bought the Groupon voucher for Motion Room last August, I didn’t have very high expectations. I was used to boring classes and always finding an excuse to not go to the gym, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I genuinely enjoyed working out at Motion Room.

The fact that classes were different every day, that the circuit training had me fooling myself into a full body work out, and that the trainers were always motivational – pushing me to challenge myself, made me want to come to class and work out. Before Bootcamp at Motion Room, I could barely do a single push up on my toes…now I’m doing them with my legs suspended behind me in the air fit! I cursed anyone who told me to do a burpee…now I look forward to the challenge of “WTF burpees”!

I never pictured myself as someone who enjoyed working out, but I’m not afraid to admit that I find myself scheduling dinner with friends around my bootcamp classes, just so I won’t miss them. This is probably one of the first times I’ve ever felt so committed to fitness and I look forward to challenging myself even more this year – aiming for the Tough Mudder!

So Where is Tasha now?

Since initially submitting my Member Spotlight back in the winter, I’ve really been trying to challenge myself more.  Each class I’ve been working towards making sure that, for each exercise, I’m choosing the more challenging route to keep growing my strength.  After my first check in session of doing 14 push ups (4 on my toes), I’ve managed to increase my strength to where I can do 30 push ups in a minute, ALL on my toes!  That’s probably one of my greater achievements as it’s a clear indication of all the hard work I’ve been doing since I joined Motion Room 10 months ago and helps to keep me motivated.

Where at one time I used to question a friend who refused to deviate from his work out routine to make plans with me, I now find myself in the same position wherein I plan things around my classes and not the other way around.  The shift in focus has not only made me stronger, but definitely made me feel better about myself and my health, giving me so much more energy.

My original plan was probably much like most other people – join to get in shape for a special event and then quit after.  My best friend got married this past April, and being one of her maids of honour, I knew there would be a lot of photos I’d want to look my best in.  Though the wedding is over, I’ve since changed my plan and intend to continue on this healthy path for as long as my body will let me!

I’ve signed up for Tough Mudder (my fitness goal) this coming July, which is both terrifying (after watching some of the crazy YouTube videos!) and exciting at the same time and something that I know my time at the Motion Room will help me get through 🙂

Thanks for sharing Tasha! You are going to do great at Tough Mudder! 

Stay tuned all summer as we re-visit our amazing Member Spotlight entries!

Tasha Fung

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