You may remember TMR Member Tasha from her 2014 Member Spotlight Entry. Since last year she has taken on a hefty challenge and of course, succeeded!

Tasha Fung

“Thanks to the help of The Motion Room, I was able to fulfill my 2014 fitness goal in competing in the Tough Mudder for the first time.

Before starting at The Motion Room it had been years since I had set foot in a gym – so to go in with such a lofty goal was a bit scary at first but I was confident I could do it. In less than a year I managed to push myself to the point where when I started I could only do two pushups to where I was able to piggy-back my 170lb teammate for the better part of 100 yards (also known as “The Warrior Carry” at Tough Mudder). Not only did my friends and I complete the race in one piece (4 ½ hours later!), I was able to conquer some of my biggest fears including heights, after I scaled a 12 foot vertical wall.

By creating an environment where it’s fun to work out (think the Blood, Sweat, and Fears Halloween Bootcamp!), the Motion Room helped me to build my strength and confidence to do the Tough Mudder. So much so, that our team is already planning for this year’s event!”

We love to hear this Tasha! You have worked hard and we are so glad you are seeing the strength and confidence you have built in action outside the walls of The Motion Room. Keep up the great work! 

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