One of the best feelings for us is to see our gym members succeed.

Goal setting is a huge part of getting fit and finding your healthy ‘sweet spot,’ so when our gym members have specific events or goals they are working towards it is always our pleasure to help them get there! Samantha and James spent the past year preparing for the 2015 Spartan Race and sent us the below message afterwards.

Congratulations to both of you, and we look forward to setting new goals with you for the coming year!

Message from our gym members:

“Hi guys,

I want to send a quick note to say thanks to the TMR team. Yesterday James and I completed our first Spartan Race! We signed up for the race last September to give ourselves a goal to work towards. There were points in the race I wanted to cry and give up like when I had to pull myself over an 8ft wall, it definitely tested my endurance but I pushed on. There’s no way I would have done this race if I wasn’t training at TMR. During the race I used so many skills that I’ve learned from Emanuele, Jamie, Tyson and all of the other trainers over the past year and a half. So I just wanted to say thanks to the team for being so awesome! They take time to get to know each member and their goals and help them to achieve them.

I’ll see you guys in a couple of days when I start preparing for next year’s Spartan Race!


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