1 Year of Being an Ambassador


One year of blogging, one year of working out to achieve the goals that are set for me, one year of meeting new people that attend and one year of loving being a part of The Motion Room.




Yes, this marks my one year of being an ambassador with The Motion Room. I have had several ups and downs in this year with my retests, energy levels, working out and amongst other things. I started my one year with pneumonia and couldn’t workout for a month, I than had to work my way back into my workout with the little energy I had.


I overcame a negative retest and turned it around during my next retest to have the results that I was expecting. This moved on to another positive retest with my results improving.



I went from partying and drinking often to barely having any drinks at all now, I am consistently thinking of my upcoming retests and what I have to do to see the change that I want.

I attend all of the ambassador workouts, which we are always in a treat for these kinds of workouts. You never know what Joseph has up his sleeves with these workouts. You just need to make sure you are ready with lots of energy.

I have felt that writing blogs once a week about my journey helps keep me accountable for my actions, and not only helps others but also keeps me on the right path.



I went from a job where I had to work all the time and was not happy to a job that allows me to have work/life balance and supports me in all the steps that I take in this healthy lifestyle that I have chosen. I look forward to going to work and seeing these fellow coworkers on a daily basis. We encourage each other to sweat on a daily basis and to eat healthy.


Not only do I have the sense of community at work, but I also have that at The Motion Room. Seeing other members on a daily basis and having those conversations with the Trainers is definitely something I look forward to.

But now onto making goals for the next year of being an ambassador with The Motion Room, what does it hold for me? What will the next year’s results look like?


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