I have been on vacation for the last week, and it would have been easy for me to let fitness and nutrition go on a vacation instead of keeping it up.

I had to make a conscience effort to make it to The Motion Room and eat clean throughout the week. This is something I do every week.  So why not do it while on vacation?

So, I made fitness and nutrition part of my vacation plans.

I stayed in Toronto. I will admit it was easier to stay on track since I was still in charge of preparing my meals.

I generally do eat well when I’m on vacation, but I definitely let fitness take a vacation.  I always have roast chicken with vegetables for lunch every day. For supper, I prepare dishes like baked salmon or baked pear & blue cheese pizza – just check out how good these dishes look – and they are healthy!





I intended to stay on track with my workouts and so I booked all my sessions even before I started my vacation.  I planned for a couple of Co-Training, a couple of one-on-one’s and a couple of Bootcamps. I managed to get to them all.  I know I would have felt guilty for missing them, so I’m so glad I did them all.

My only guilty pleasures were an occasional yummy treat like a luscious lemon pudding and a date square.

I’ve also maintained my spring cleaning challenge – still no wings, fries and beer.  March 31st was the cut-off, and I was looking forward to April 1st where I could eat whatever I want.  However, I have decided to keep this food off my menu for the next week as well.  My Re-test is coming up at the end of this week, so I will save those calories for some other time – maybe it will be my celebration meal for the success I see at the Re-Test.

I have achieved all the goals I set for myself while on vacation, and I am looking forward to the Re-Test on Saturday.  I’ll let you know the results on the next blog!

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