Wedding Bells? Abs? Whoever said turning 50 sucks, hasn’t met TMR Member Caroline! Caroline Haddad has been a TMR Member for over two years and this is her story: 


Caroline’s Member Spotlight Story:

It’s here: 2015. The year I turn 50. Thought I’d be dreading it but as it turns out, I am so ready! Thank goodness for The Motion Room. I joined 2 ½ years ago and with their help, I have kept up a pretty consistent 3x per week workout schedule. Can’t say the same for any other gym I ever joined (there were a lot). I’ve also gotten the best results thanks to a great team of personal co-trainers who keep me in form, in line (well, they try), and in shape. Love feeling so good and love that this September, I’m getting married! So bring on 2015 and turning 50 – I’m ready!

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