Amanda joined TMR over a year ago, not for weight loss but for the lifestyle change. She was pleasantly surprised by the other positive changes to her body and health.  

Amanda’s Member Spotlight Story:

AmandaI’ve been with TMR for a little over a year and looking back a lot has changed. In my job I work long hours, and am surrounded by unhealthy/convenient food which all the kids seem to love. I found not only were they eating it but I began to as well. On top of that, I was constantly tired and made every excuse not to go to the gym. I decided I needed a change, I wanted to be a healthy role model for the kids I work with and live a healthy lifestyle (let’s face it, if I didn’t eat well and have an active lifestyle, who was I to encourage them to!)
I joined The Motion Room not to lose weight but to start living a healthier lifestyle (although losing fat and gaining muscle has been an added bonus!) I was a little discouraged at first but that passed as It started to become easier from week to week. I wasn’t avoiding going to the gym anymore and I looked forward to what the TMR trainers had in store for us each night. I strived to work hard and with the TMR team behind me, found that at each check in session I always saw progress.
Thanks to the support and encouragement of the TMR team, I have more energy, a better lifestyle, and can call myself a healthy role model… On top of all that the smaller pant size was just a bonus!




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