Introduction and Why I’m Doing This

Hello! My name is Nancy McInnis, and I am one of the new TMR Ambassadors.  My job as ambassador is to blog about my 6-month journey to meet the objectives set out for me. Basically, my journey will demonstrate that when you set goals, and take action, you will see results.


Let me tell a little about myself:

I’m 46 years old and I want to be fabulously fit when I go into my 50’s and beyond.

I’ve been making big changes over the last few years.  My first big change was my smile.  I rarely smiled because I had overlapping teeth, and would do whatever I could to hide it. It’s easy when you don’t smile a lot.  I decided to quit smoking and invest my smoke fund into braces.  It took almost 5 years for the smile transformation.  My first non-brace face pictures are my wedding pictures.  It was a surprise to see my smile for the first time.  I’ve been smiling ever since!

Now I’m working on the next phase of change – my body. I’ve always had a battle with weight.  It’s a little harder to hide it when you are overweight.  I started this change a few years ago.  My weight was near 180 lbs.  I started losing weight by running.  I started with 5K, then 10K and progressed to half marathons.  I’ve done 3 of them so far.  Then, five years ago, I discovered cycling.  I’ve done the Ride to Conquer Cancer for the last 4 years in honour of lost loved ones taken by cancer.  I went from 0KM to being able to cycle 200KM over a 2-day period and even managed to cycle up Hamilton Mountain! I wasn’t sure I could as it’s a steep uphill incline, but I wouldn’t make if I didn’t try.  Well, I did it!!

If I can achieve these goals, I believe I can achieve the goals The Motion Room has set out for me. I believe in the statement “if you can conceive it, and believe it, you will achieve it”.  Check out this video on the power of this message


I’ve been able to get my weight down to 145, but I’m back up to 153.


Here are my current measurements and objectives:


My Current Measurements as of January 14, 2012                                                         Objectives to be met by July 14, 2012

Body Weight

153 lbs                                                                                                                        148.2 lbs

Body Fat %

34.0%                                                                                                                           28.6%

Estimated Water

73.7/48.2%                                                                                                                   73.7/49.7%

Fat Free Mass

27.3/17.8%                                                                                                                    32.1/21.7%

Healthy Fat

32/20.9%                                                                                                                       32/21.6%

Excess Fat

20/13.1%                                                                                                                       10.4/7.0%


I’m generally very good spirited, and have fun working out even though it’s really hard work.  You’ll see me with a smile, and it will be on my very red face – it’s what I look like when I’m working out.  It’s not a pretty sight, so be warned!


So, why would I put myself in a position where I share my weight and stats with you and be under this weekly scrutiny? I’m doing these things anyway, so if I can inspire just one person to make a change in their life, then scrutiny is worth it.


The Motion Room is a great place to achieve your goals. It’s helped me a lot, but I still have a ways to go to reach my goals.   Give The Motion Room a try – you won’t regret your decision.


I hope you will follow my journey and it inspires you to start your own journey, or continue the journey you started.  I’ll be posting updates each week – so come on this journey with me.

– Nancy

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