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At 67, Judith Butler is one of our oldest and undoubtedly one of our toughest members! Day in and day out Judith shows us what it means to work hard and get real results. Here is her story:

Judith’s Member Spotlight Story:

Judith ButlerAt 67, I am older than the average TMR member. But fitness has no age limits: bone health, flexibility, strength and balance are really important for people of every age, and I’ve set out to achieve them with the guidance of the TMR pros.
As a passionate long-distance cyclist, parts of my lower body were pretty fit. My goal was to make the rest of my body equally as strong. I wanted to be able to easily lift my (fairly heavy) bike onto a train and up onto a ceiling hook, and pedal up long, steep hills carrying 10 kilograms of luggage.
At first, I balked at the programme. I pulled away from push ups! I cringed at crunches! I whined about weights! But, as I saw what it was doing for others, I was hooked. And now, Melt Down is my favourite programme. And sweat’s my new best friend. 
At my first check-in 18 months ago, my push-up count was pathetic. Now, it is 6 times greater. I am lifting or pulling at least twice – sometimes three times- as much weight as when I started. I am much more aware of how proper posture and breathing maximize your effectiveness at the gym and in daily life. At my latest check-in, my upper body tested much stronger than it has ever been before. And I’ve voluntarily added push-ups to some of my reps.
Last summer, during 1100 kilometres of cycling in Switzerland, the Black Forest and France, I tackled the tough hills with my new-found breathing techniques, which made it much easier than before. At the summits of those hills, I was one grateful TMR member. I also no longer had to rely on a sympathetic bystander to help me lift my bike.
I am on the road to success, with more goals to achieve in the future. I won’t be doing Tough Mudder, but I am wondering: will there ever be a Tough Grannie?

So Where is Judith Now?

It was a tough winter for me, with the icy roads keeping me off my bike for a record 14 weeks, and my body didn’t like it! Despite regular workouts, I was spending too much time huddled in a chair, waiting for spring.


Judith ButlerBut in March, when spring started to arrive, I focused on repairing my sluggish body. First, I paid close attention to Emanuele’s advice about health eating. I enrolled in a Healthy Living cooking course and drastically increased the fruits and vegetables in my diet. I started attending Rejuvenation Boot Camp, and worked out with weights at home on days I didn’t go to the gym. I trained for my annual cycling trip by doing at least 25 km. every day, always including some hills.


As a result, between my March and June check-ins, I lost 10 lbs (and a few more since then), 4.3% body fat and trimmed off 6. 5 inches*. My clothes fit better and the new ones I bought are a size smaller. People comment on how good I look, but I am more impressed about how good I feel.


I just finished 800 kilometres on my bike in extreme heat in Italy, and I felt strong and healthy. Joseph wants to see my bench-press my bike…I may surprise him and do it one day!

Thanks, Motion Room!



Thanks for sharing Judith! Check-out Judith’s most recent 90 Day 1-on-1 Check-In Results below!

Judith Butler

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