My name is Mike Fanning, I am the newest Motion Room Ambassador and it’s time to start setting goals! But first, people call me Mike Awesome and there are three reasons for that:

First, I’m pretty damn awesome.

Second, I tend to say the word awesome quite often.

Third, I have a shirt that promotes my pride of being awesome.

 Setting Goals For My Fitness Journey:

I started coming to the Motion Room in the end January of 2012. My wife Andrea was making me look bad, she was working out and getting healthier while I was sitting at home drinking beer. I eventually gave into the guilty feelings and I started going to the Motion Room with her. Needless to say I liked it. There was an honest atmosphere unlike a corporate gym. People were there to work out and get healthy. I made a decision during this time to make a commitment to my fitness and setting some goals.

Part of my commitment was a realization that anything that I have made a decision to be successful at, I’ve become successful at by simply setting goals. I decided to go back to school and today I have three degrees. After that, I decided to win a Drum Corps International World Championship and today, I have two titles. At a time, I even decided to work as a professional musician and for a number of years I did. Eventually, I’ve made a decision to change my lifestyle and always have fitness be a part of it. I will not let myself down.

My goals are to change my body into a healthy one. I’m not there yet but I’m on my way. I would like to get my weight to 185 pounds. That is the healthy weight for my height. I want to build muscle on my upper body, be able to take my shirt off at the beach and not be embarrassed. I want my body to lose all its aches from being unfit.

I enjoyed the try-outs to become an Ambassador. I need to thank my friends Jodi and Kyle for coming out with me as well as my wife for all her support. We just had a baby on September 14th and while I’m at the gym she’s taking care of our little guy. At the first tryouts there was wonderful team vibe in the room. We did many group exercises. I enjoyed being interviewed while I was I doing elevated push-ups. It wasn’t difficult to speak at all!

The WTF challenge was also a wonderful session. I had a great sense of reward from it. I performed a lot better than I thought I was going to, thinking that I was only going to get 20 push ups out and I got 30! Kyle came with me that day and he is quite physically active but I came only 3 reps behind him and I was quite proud of myself!

It was wonderful to be selected as the next Ambassador! I plan on kicking some butt for the next 6 months and getting healthier everyday! Thus far I am down from an extra large shirt to a large shirt and I just purchased a new smaller belt!

Hooray for Mike Awesome!!!

Setting Goals
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