“After doing personal co-training for a couple of years and experiencing success in many areas, I am interested in more challenges. How can I tell if I am ready to try a 4 Series Bootcamp? How would boot camp further my fitness goals, and is it appropriate for a senior like me?”

We’re glad to hear you have experienced success with our Personal Co-Training program and are looking for more challenges. As you know our 4 Series Fitness System compliments our Personal Co-Training program with it’s different Fitness Systems of Full Body, Core, Movement, and Recovery programs. With that said, how do you know if you’re ready for this program is simply with how you feel. The 4 Series Fitness System is an intense program that is designed to train you in 75%-85% of your Heart Rate, but it’s also flexible, so people can start at different levels and work their way up. If you are ready to put in the effort, you can do the 4 Series Fitness System.

Our recommendation to introduce yourself to the 4 Series Fitness System is to start off partaking in the “Classic” (Full Body) & “Rejuvenation” (Recovery) classes first and working your way up to the “Cardio AB-Use” (Core) & “Athlete Ready” (Movement) classes. Below is also a link to how to effectively use the 4 Series Fitness System with our Personal Co-Training program.


4 Series Fitness System with Personal Co-Training Guide


Healthy Regards,

Joseph Martino


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