How many years have you spent in the gym working out on the same machines and still as years goes by, you still see very little results? This happened to me for years before I actually found a gym in Toronto where I started seeing results, and that was The Motion Room.

At the Motion Room, we see changes daily in the gym, as people are coming in and getting all sweaty day after day, their gym clothes are starting to feel looser, they are getting stronger while learning new exercises.

They have those retests to remind them to stay on track, how many times I have had to say “No thank you, I have my retest on Monday”.

The Motion Room is a local gym in Toronto where trainers make sure you are truly reaching your goals, they ensure you are doing the exercises correctly or that you are increasing the weight so your muscles can remember what you put them through the day before and slowly but surely see some progress.


On the Motion Room Facebook we see weekly how members are just losing the body fat percentage each and every time they go into that small little room to get measured up. And you have to admit how good it feels to come out and say “I lost inches!” “I lost 2% body fat” “I did 5 more push-ups than the last time!” *.

All in all, it comes down to working out with these trainers, having the support from James and Joseph and also by other members in the gym. We are all here to support each other in these fitness goals that we have made.


So if you think you can leave the Motion Room and head back into another gym in Toronto to get the same results…. Well, think again :)



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