Aren’t we all looking for simple when it comes to group training? 

We’ve made group training easy by taking the complication out of classes and coaching with personal pods and private workout areas plus plenty of space as well as highly-trained coaches to guide and encourage you. Here’s how it works:

Get Ready:

We are so excited to welcome you back. If you’re new to the gym, click here for a seven day trial. Or, click here to reactivate your membership.

Get Set:

Book your class here and get the benefits of a personal trainer with highly-trained support every step (or jump) along the way. Every all-level workout is specially designed to target the entire body so whatever your schedule, we got you. Come in, workout, and get on with your day. 

And... Sweat!

We all train together, but you decide what works for you. Connect to our MyZone system while working out, track your progress and heart rate, or, skip the tech and move your body for fun. It’s easy, and it’s up to you.

Let's Do This.

Our new Sweat Equity All Access Membership gives you unlimited access to everything you need. Click here for more. You can also come visit us by booking a tour today. New to the gym? Click here for a seven day trial. No Commitment, No Contracts: your all-access membership is month-to-month. Thirty days written notice to cancel.  

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