Ask ten different people what a coach is and you’ll get ten different answers. There are just as many types of coaches as there are areas that benefit from coaching but today, we’re talking about change. So, can a coach really help you navigate change? Read on for a Special article from our partners at The coaching company.

First let’s identify the two types of change.

The first one is the kind everyone loves: when it’s their own idea. The second, of course, is imposed change. It can be a layoff, a move, or an injury or health scare that forces us to slow down and reevaluate things. Think about all the change that has happened in your own life over the past eighteen months. Countless businesses were forced to close, job loss has become commonplace, and we are hearing about redundancies all the time — the impact of the global health crisis throughout the job market in every sector has been palpable. So when change isn’t your idea, how can you cope?

Next, look at the hidden opportunities within imposed change.

By having a long range plan. It will help you weather the storm (whether it’s a long term career goal or a marathon training schedule) it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize. That way, when roadblocks pop up, because they will, you can circumnavigate them instead of getting totally sidetracked. 

Sure, it may not have been your idea, but there is always a bright side. Working from home might be messy, but it allows you to spend more time with your kids. On the flip side, being ‘forced’ to get back to the office means blessed alone time for podcasts and music during your commute! There is always an upside. 

Lastly, if you’re struggling to accept change, it might be time to hire a coach.

We know you’re tired of the word pivot and the idea of ‘starting fresh’ probably sounds incredibly stale. But a fresh set of ears and eyes can help you shift into a new perspective on where you should be working, what you should be working on, and who you should be working with. 

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About the Coaching Company:

I’ve been a business and wellness coach for over a decade and last year, I decided to formalize myself and my team’s expertise and bring it all to life as The Coaching Company. We are accountability, productivity, and habits experts and we partner with people who are ready to get things done.

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