Health & safety news

Your health, safety, and comfort is our #1 priority

The Motion Room is fully compliant and will be enforcing all of the  Ontario Covid Mandates including mandatory mask wearing in the gym. As well, in order to accommodate all comfort levels, members can now choose to workout individually, with their bubble, or in a small group with or without a coach live and in person. 

Physical changes to our space

  • Updated HVAC Systems and ceiling height for better ventilation and air quality
  • Individual Myzone workout spaces (Pods)
  • Separate workout space for traditional gym open workout times
  • All new equipment specific to individual pods
  • Instructional and interactive TV above the Pods
  • Access control with digital entry credentials 
  • Hand-washing sink in our workout space
  • Antibacterial wipes for in the gym
  • Lockers are in an open space
  • New floors

Workout pods are as space of your own


Members can now reserve workout pods ensuring they’re always physically distanced. Our new workout pods are individual spaces 8ft/8ft spaces complete with all the equipment you’ll need for your workout. As we are allowing an occupancy of 35% there is also an additional pod in-between your pod and your neighbour so there’s always at least 2 metres between you no matter where you are in your pod.

Do your own thing

We have also created a private workout space for traditional Open Gym Times. Now stations can ensure everyone is keeping a safe distance even while working out together.


The TV's have not replaced our trainers

The advantages of running classes over monitors:

  • You’ll never a moment missed and you won’t have to worry about whether your trainer can count, as the timing and tempo is regulated for your best results. 
  • More consistent examples of the correct way to do a movement.
  • The trainer can focus on motivating and helping you get the most out of your workout.
  • If you’re wearing a heart rate monitor then your MEPS will be coded displayed so you can easily see if you’re preforming at the optimum intensity for the workout.
Members can also come in and workout or do myzone classes outside of class hours.
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