Get results, get in shape & get paid with sweat equity

With a science backed focus on balancing your body & hormones

designed around you for maximum results

45 Minute science backed multi-level workouts

Our approach specifically focuses on balancing hormones and weight loss

Start getting your sweat on with the a workout chosen for your specific needs. Then turn it up by balancing your hormones, better nutrition & enhanced coaching and support. Stay motivated and  track your progress using our heart rate monitors. Then reward your successes with sweet services earned with your Sweat Equity!


6 modes in 45 min

We keep it simple. Our classes incorporate combinations of 6 basic elements: Lift, Mobility, Core, Cardio, Functional Movement, and Recovery

heart Rate

Heart Rate Technology

Track your progress with live feedback right to your screen. Well show you how to keep at an optimal burn using the 5 heart rate zones

Enhanced Coaching

Enhanced Coaching

Our coaching app and myzone TV powers all of our workouts so that our certified trainers are focused on giving you guidance and motivation

heart rate monitors

Get better results you can track in real time

Personalize each and every workout using 5 heart rate zones as your guide. The live display lets you monitor your progress and displays how you’re doing in relation to the optimal intensity your body needs to achieve your goals. 

Keep yourself accountable and always be in zone for maximum burn, endurance, build, and weight loss. Always know when to push harder or pull back and work towards recovery. 

Functional Movement
Stress Hormone: Cortisol 60%
Full Body Circuit Training
Metabolic Hormone: Thyroid 70%
Resistance Training
Sex Hormone: Estrogen and Testosterone 80%
Metabolic Hormone: Insulin 85%
Growth Hormone 95%


Never worry if your trainer can count

Get all the attention of our certified trainers who are free to support you while our system run classes play on your screen, and sets the timing, tempos and always gives a perfect demonstration. 

The Studio

Individual and open spaces to suit your workout needs

Our membership gets you access to the full gym. Choose from individual workout spaces for classes or open gym session when you want to do your own thing. Learn more about our spaces


Colour therapy is a holistic way to bring balance and health to your mind and body. Combined with motivating playlists the vibrant lighting is dimmed to invigorate you and get you in the mood to sweat. 

Sweat Equity

It Pays To Workout

To keep you motivated to achieve your goals we reward your successes with Sweat Equity. Every time you workout, book a class, reach a goal, or even share on social media, you’ll earn TMR dollars. Learn More


Reward your efforts & super charge your results


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