2 workout options

Get results, get in shape & get paid with sweat equity

Powerful Motivation everyday in a group, individually or with our expert coaches through the TCC app

individual or group 45 Min myzone workouts

45 Minutes of motivation powered by myzone

a variety of fun workouts & everyday access to expert coaches through the tcc app

A balanced workout using industry leading programming combined with myzone wearable tech provides an enhanced social coaching platform giving you instant, colour-coded feedback that shows and Rewards Effort when you workout. The more effort you put the more cash back (Sweat Equity) you earn.


45 mins, 6 Workout Zones

A balanced workout that combines 6 Workout Zones: functional movement, mobility, cardio, core, resistance and recovery activities at varying intensities each week

heart Rate

effort over ability

Using colour-coded feedback myzone technology calculates your MHR from the moment you start training. Make it Count, the harder you work the more you win

Enhanced Coaching

Enhanced Coaching

myzone technology combined with our TCC coaching app provides everyday access to our expert coaches to provide health and fitness tips and keep you motivated anytime

effort over ability powered by myzone

A Balanced Workout with instant colour-coded feedback

Personalize each workout by mixing it up with cardio, core, resistance, and mobility training. When you review your MEPS (myzone effort point system) and your myzone actiivty calendar you should see a variety of tile colours (gray, blue, green, and yellow) throughout the weeks and months.

Aim for two to three YELLOW tiles, two to three GREEN/BLUE tiles, andone or two GRAY/BLUE tiles per week.

Cool Downs - Mobility - Recovery
Vital Time For The Body To Recover 59%
Functional Movement - Warm ups - Low Intensity
Restores Proper Muscle Function 69%
Full Body Circuit - Resistance Training
Metabolism Booster - Aerobic / Increase Muscle 79%
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Cardio
Burn More Calories - Earn More MEPS 89%
Plyometric High Intensity
Nuances Between Zones Are More Beneficial 100%


Everyday Access To Expert Coaches

Download The Coaching Company App to get Everyday Access to Expert Coaching. You will also gain access to a variety of fun workouts, nutritional guides and advanced coaching. Get the benefits of working with a dedicated personal coach through our TCC app from home or in-studio in a positive, and encouraging atmosphere.


Open Gym - Do your own workout

One Membership gets you access to the full gym. Choose Open Gym Times to do your own thing or individual / group 45 Minute workouts powered by myzone. Learn more about our spaces


Colour therapy is a holistic way to bring balance and health to your mind and body. Combined with motivating playlists the vibrant lighting is dimmed to invigorate you and get you in the mood to sweat. 

Sweat Equity

It Pays To Workout

To keep you motivated to achieve your goals we reward your successes with Sweat Equity. Every time you workout, book a class, reach a goal, or even share on social media, you’ll earn TMR dollars. Learn More


Reward your efforts & super charge your results


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