Sweat Equity

It Pays to Workout

Introducing Sweat Equity: a new way of moving towards your goals

Sweat Equity is a totally innovative accountability-based approach that rewards you for reaching your goals. If you want it, we’ll help you get there.

How it works

New world, new way of doing things

Sweat Equity is about rewarding you for reaching your goals.

We’ve put 10+ years of knowledge into redesigning the gym experience to make it work for you. Sweat Equity isn’t a program, it’s a holistic approach to supporting your health, wellness, and fitness goals. We’ve got your back on personal and career development, too. 

To keep you motivated to achieve your goals we reward your successes with Sweat Equity. In fact, every time you workout, book a class, reach a goal, or even share on social media, you’ll earn TMR dollars (20 TMR Dollar = 1 Dollar CAD) that you can use towards services at The Motion Room and The Coaching Company

The Break down

Simple Steps to Success

Movement is medicine

Making gradual changes to your diet and personal routine can have a lasting impact. We call it micro-movements for massive wins. By monitoring and rewarding your progress you can reinvest in your wellbeing through TMR services and The Coaching Company.

Feel ready?

Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to help you get moving on the right path.

All queries are replied within about a day.

Set Your Goal(s)
Membership, personal training, fun challenges, and more = money to reinvest in yourself. First-time members double their points. 20 TMR Dollar = $1 which you can spend at The Motion Room or The Coaching Company
Start Building Sweat Equity
We’re always adding more ways to win. Build your Sweat Equity by sharing your wins on social media, booking classes online, bringing a friend, or partnering with one of our many health and wellness coaches. You’ve got goals beyond fitness, we are here to help you reach them.
Cash In Your Reward
Use your Sweat Equity to reward yourself with personal training, massage, nutritional coaching, or wellbeing and professional development from The Coaching Company.

Building Sweat Equity

Getting rewarded is easy

We’ve created simple ways for you to earn TMR Dollars to spend on services that help you heal, thrive, and stay nourished at every level. 

We’ve changed the way we do things to serve you better. After all, your wellbeing is more than squats + sit-ups and having a partner to help you along the way makes all the difference. Get in touch today to find out more.

  1. 5 Elements Massage Therapy
  2. Nutritional Coaching
  3. Personal Training
  4. Gut Health Analysis
  5. Movement + Gait Analysis
  6. Private Rejuvenation Therapy (Myofacial Release)
  7. Wellbeing, Career & Personal Development with
    The Coaching Company
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