It’s that time of the year again. Days are getting colder, shorter and darker. And with these changes come the winder blues, filled with mood shifts, lower energy levels and lack of motivation. But today we are here to give you our top tips to beat the dreaded winter blues!

Winter Blues: A wave of low emotions that come with these colder, darker days.

1. Prioritize A Healthy Diet

During this time it is crucial to get all your vitamins and minerals in! So while you are enjoying all the delicious Christmassy food, make sure you are also getting all those veggies and fruits in.

There’s a strong relationship between our diet and our mental health, so make sure you are fueling your body with as many nutrients as possible to help you beat those winter blues!

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2. Soak Up As Much Sunshine As You Can

We know it is definitely darker and colder outside, getting as much sunshine as possible during the winter should be one of your top priorities to help you beat the winter blues!

Even if it’s just for a few minutes every day, exposure to sunlight has been proven to support Vitamin D production and boost your mood!

So try going for a walk every now and then, or go on a little coffee date to spend some time outdoors while sipping on something warm!

3. Keep Moving Your Body

Regular exercise is always great for your body. But especially during this time of the year!

Physical activity has been shown to help fight symptoms of depression, reduce stress and improve mental functioning, so try to get some movement in every day! Start slow, maybe with a 20 minute at-home workout or yoga flow or walk…

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4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

A great way to beat the winter blues is by simply surrounding yourself with people who bring you joy! Whether that’s spending more time with your family, facetiming your friends, or going on a wintery date with your partner.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with some extra positivity during the winter to help you feel better and brighter.

The winter blues can hit us all, and while we can’t change the season, we can make some healthier choices to feel better and boost our spirits!

And if you are feeling down, don’t be too hard on yourself… go out, enjoy some time with your favorite people, bake something, spend some time by a warm fire, read a new book or watch a christmassy movie while sipping on some hot cocoa. You got this!


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