The holiday season is usually filled with fun, family time, food, food, drinks and some more food. (Which is awesome)

BUT… This makes it pretty hard to stay healthy during the holidays!

But don’t worry! The holidays don’t have to be a season of overeating, food guilt and weight gain this year.

You can actually start working on yourself and have a healthy holiday season… How?

Drumroll please…

The 28-Day Zero Pound Challenge!

Stay Healthy

Our 2021 workout and lifestyle program will take you through the month of December without a single pound gained and help you actually ENJOY the season.

Here’s how the Zero Pound Challenge will help you stay healthy during the holidays:

You'll Get:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Initial Strategy Call
  • Official Weigh In
  • Unlimited Workouts at The Motion Room
  • Healthy Recipes & Meal Plan
  • Weekly Check-In Calls
  • Final Weigh In & Future Game Plan

Yes, you read that right! This Challenge is the ideal guide to keep you on track and help you stay healthy during the holidays with no restrictions… While also giving you a chance to win $500.00! Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Here's How It Works:

  1. Join the challenge for only $197.00
  2. ​Weigh yourself on day 1
  3. ​Gain 0 pounds during the challenge
  4. ​You will be entered in a draw to win $500.00 to put towards your credit card bill!

The Challenge will start on December 20th, so be sure you register before then by clicking the button below:

The Zero Pound Challenge is not a diet, it is an easy-to-follow guide designed to do 3 things:

Stay Healthy During The Holidays:

  1. Help you keep the holiday weight off – zero pounds gained – without dieting and spending a lot of time working out.
  2. Ensure you actually lose a few pounds and inches in the month of December and stay healthy during the holidays.
  3. Make you happier this December! You will feel healthier while also enjoying everything you love most about this season.

Are you ready to take charge of your health and finish the year strong? This Challenge might be exactly what you need! 

Make sure you register before December 20th!

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