Diana is a mother of two with a successful career and has been a Member of The Motion Room for two years. With all of her success and dedication, we are proud to name Diana the 2014 Member Spotlight and recipient of $500 Motion Room Dollars to use for herself or on a friend.

We sat down with Diana to get the whole story. Here is her journey:

TMR: What was the breaking point, when you finally felt you needed a change?

Diana: I lost control of my weight. I was bigger than I thought I was. Clothes that I thought were my size didn’t fit anymore and it would bring me to tears. I realized this problem wasn’t going away. I had to go to an event and I didn’t even want to look in the mirror before I left the house. I tried to lose weight in between having my children and I had always wanted to lose the weight. I was working a full time job, a mother of two and I was stuck.

TMR: Why The Motion Room?

Diana: Initially my goal was to lose the weight. I didn’t want to go to a gym where I was just going to jump on a treadmill and I had a history of joining gyms and quitting gyms, joining gyms and quitting gyms. I started looking for fitness choices on Groupon and TMR’s Personal Co-Training caught my eye. Once my Groupon ended I knew I was going to stay.

Weight Loss Journey

TMR: How did you feel once you started?

Diana: The first time going through the TMR program was very difficult. My lungs were burning and I felt that I could barely do it, but the challenge of the program gave me the motivation to keep pushing. After that I knew I didn’t just want to lose the weight, I wanted to get stronger! The Bootcamps are targeted, structured and it all makes sense. Personal Co-Training is completely unique, your program gives you all the information so you don’t have to worry about what machines to use, how to use them or if you doing it properly.

TMR: What kept you motivated?

Diana: I had lost fifteen pounds and that was another breaking point for me*. The measurements – seeing these real results – plus or minus has been a huge motivation. When I started, I couldn’t even get through 4 or 5 push-ups on my knees. Now, I can do 10 to 12 on my toes! To be able to do something that I had never in my wildest dreams thought I could do… I knew I had changed my body! Being able to go through my program is like an instant high! It makes me happy.You are now that person you were once watching, thinking you could never be. It actually is achievable.

Weight Loss Journey Diana

TMR: Why did you decide to apply for the Member Spotlight?

Diana: This has changed my entire life and I wanted to share my story. Not just the weight loss, I have strength now that I never imagined I would have. When I found out I had won, I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic! My inner circle is very proud and happy for me – I have a tremendous amount of support. When I don’t come to TMR, I miss it because I have built a community of friends here at the gym. The Trainers are helping you through every exercise, we laugh and we joke around. My days are busy, but I have no problem fitting TMR in.

To Read Diana’s behind the scenes Member Spotlight Experience (Coming Soon).

Diana’s Last Words: I can do things I’ve never been able to do before. Living a fit life style is important to me and should be important to everyone. I want to set an example for my kids. If you stick to it, things you could never image will happen in your life.

Congratulations Diana on winning our first TMR Ambassador Member Spotlight for 2014.

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