Time for a big review of the results I’ve seen in the 18 months that I’ve been a TMR ambassador!


































I just had a check-in at 131lbs I’m down to 24% body fat again, which is 0% excess*. I’m exactly where my body should be for optimal health. To put this in perspective, in my first year of University (2005) I was about 155lbs and 37% body fat. So I thought I’d share some of the most important things I’ve learned.


1. The number one important thing is to BUILD MUSCLE. Now that I’ve lost the weight, I admit that I eat whatever I want now. And the amazing thing is, I’m still staying in the same 3-pound range. If you lose a bunch of weight solely by changing your eating habits, you will ALWAYS have to stick to that calorie limit or you’ll start gaining again. If you add in exercise as well, you’ll gain muscle, which makes your body burn more calories on its own. These days, I don’t really have to think about it much; I just do my workouts, which keeps up my muscle mass. Actually, I’ve gained a pound of muscle since my last check-in. Obviously, if I had been limiting my calories, carbs and fat with every meal this entire year, I’d have achieved this level of fitness (and beyond) a lot faster. But I’m pleased with the pace and the results, and proud of my muscles! When you’re at 0% excess body fat, you can’t really complain.


1b. The other most important thing is to FIND A ROUTINE THAT YOU CAN STICK TO. Let’s face it, if you decide to start exercising regularly and change your diet, you’ll eventually see results. The problem is it’s hard to actually stick to new habits. I’ve been saying all along that TMR in particular worked for me because it FORCED me to go, with equal parts warm support and guilt trips. :) Not only that, but since they make my programs for me, my routines switch up all the time, meaning I’m never bored and that my muscles continue to develop.


2. There are some things that you will start to love about your body, but also some things that you’ll start liking less. For me, it’s become increasingly obvious how crappy my wrists are. I probably have full-blown arthritis. I also can’t do burpees correctly for some reason; I have to pop one foot out first before the other, instead of being able to jump out both at the same time like a normal person. My left side improves, but never seems to catch up to the balance and strength of my right side. That’s just the way it goes. Keep toughing it out, and keep fighting. The things that you all of a sudden love more – like my bad ass triceps and ab definition – make up for noticing your body’s idiosyncrasies.


3. It DOES NOT get easier. It just doesn’t. I’m still so sore sometimes that I can barely bend without actually audibly whimpering (thanks, Celia!). It WILL become your way of being, though. If you’re not sore, you didn’t make any progress at your last workout. Simple. Work until it burns!








4. You DO need to do more outside the gym, if you want faster results. If I had been running every week in addition to TMR workouts for a year and a half, imagine the incredible butt I’d have right now. I didn’t. I’m very proud of my body, and especially recently I’m seeing big improvements in my legs. All these muscles are appearing, visible without being flexed, and they’re slowly working their way upwards. The problem areas of your body need to have the fat burned off before you can REALLY see the muscle that you’ve been building. And that is about making sure you do cardio ON YOUR OWN TIME.


5. IT TAKES TIME. A year and a half and I’m still not “perfect.” But I am healthy. It’s about having a long-term relationship with health. Appreciate the results you get and keep at it. It’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.


6. Healthy not skinny. Repeat it. All the time. Get it into your head. As a girl, that’s difficult. HEALTHY NOT SKINNY. Surround yourself with people who don’t WANT you to be “skinny.” Make it your mantra.

– Alyssa Luckhurst 


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