Ed Apostol at Tough Mudder with Team TMR
Ed helped organize the TMR Tough Mudder Team!

Our TMR Ambassador Edward has completed the first six months of his weight loss and journey to fitness and good health, so we sat down to find out what the TMR experience has been like for him.

Q: Describe yourself in a few words before you started as an Ambassador. Who was Ed then?

A: Tired, stressed out, lethargic, easily distracted, not focused.

Q: In a few words, describe yourself now.

A: More focused, pretty fit, flexible, motivated (working out 5-6 times a week at TMR), aware of what I’m eating, and I have a more positive outlook!

Q: What part of your day-to-day life has been most impacted by this journey?

A: I’m up every morning. My schedule is very regular and consistent. I’m eating a lot more frequently – eight small meals a day. I understand the need to fuel my body and keep my mind active. I am always trying to identify foods that will actually make me more energetic and more alert, more capable of doing physical activities that will keep me fit. I’m more aware of the activities I do and how that impacts my mind and body. If I have a lot more energy, I may be able to take on more, if I’m feeling tired I will hold back and conserve. I try to work my day around working out so that I make sure I have that time to get in my fitness. I try to make sure I give myself 30 minutes a day of some physical activity if I can’t make it to the gym. Tasks have been simplified; I have a clearer mind, so it’s a lot clearer how I break up my day as opposed to doing too little or trying to do too much.

Q: What would you say your biggest personal accomplishment has been since you became a TMR ambassador?

A: My weight loss! I was over 200 pounds before I joined the motion room. I’m currently hovering around 181, 182*. It’s allowed me to do things I wasn’t able to do. My energy has generally increased and my ability to do more activities. I participated in Tough Mudder, which was great and I ran the Toronto Half Marathon. I hadn’t run since 2010, and at that time I had all sorts of other health issues, but in the span of six months I went from 2km, to 20 km, between May and the Toronto half in August. I never thought I would be able to do a 20 km run and now I’m thinking about doing a full 40km marathon next year.

Make sure to watch the video of Ed’s six month check-in to see his transformation!

Ambassador Ed Apostal Six Month Check-In Session

Check back next month to hear more about Ed’s success story!

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