There is nothing we love more than training our Members and so we were very happy to receive this message from Judith. TMR Member Judith shared a recent experience she had a recreational centre over the holidays and how her TMR training came to the rescue.

Dear Joseph, James, Jamie, Emanuele, Tyson and Mirela,

I hope you all had a good holiday season and enjoyed a few days off. I had a great time but over-ate and had more than my usual allotment of wine so I will be deadly serious about my upcoming workouts!

I wanted to share with you an incident that happened at a rec centre gym that I visited on two of the days that the Motion Room was closed. It is quite a well-equipped gym, so I was able to do my usual warm-up routines, do several sets of exercises from my various programmes, and then do a proper cool-down.

Other people in the gym were lifting weights and using the machines in a cavalier manner. They obviously have not been trained how to used the equipment properly and I am sure they will suffer some injuries as a result.

People came in and started flinging 50 lb weights around with no warm-ups whatsoever. Nobody paid attention to their breathing, but everyone grunted hugely!

One guy used the lat pulldown bar by slinging it over his shoulder, holding onto it with one hand and then twisting from side to side. (Maybe that’s a real exercise, but as I have never seen it at TMR, I figure not. It looked painful.)

Another person used the triceps pulldown equipment by yanking it straight down and then letting it fly back up..

I felt pretty confident that I was doing things the proper way. I could hear your voices in my head: “pinch your shoulders together, bend your knees, keep your chest up, breathe”.

As I was leaving yesterday, there was only one young man left in the gym, a very very fit young man about 25 years old, who had apparently noticed my workout. He stopped me on the way out and said he had never seen someone my age do such a good workout and he admired me for being so fit. He said he noticed how I used all the equipment the right way, and said the other guys (they were all men) could learn a lot from me. He congratulated me and asked me my age…”Are you about 60?”  (Ha ha!)

So, TMR people, you have given me a great gift and I thank you. Although I knew I was coming along in my training, it was nice to have affirmation from a total stranger, and a young, fit one at that.

Happy New Year, one and all. See you at 9:30 on Friday, and you can be really, really mean to me.


Thanks for sharing Judith. We are VERY glad you were able to apply your TMR training to stay safe and still get in a good workout. See you soon!


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