Anna spent most of her life working on not working out. A few years with TMR and a Masters Degree later, she is active and loving it! Congratulations from the TMR Team Anna!

Anna Krol

TMR Member of 2 years


I have been going to The Motion Room for just over 2 years now. Prior to joining The Motion Room I can honestly say that I never focused on exercising or physical activity. In fact, I not only did not enjoy exercising and I would go out of my way to avoid it. I always thought that I was not good at it and could never be good at it. In fact, I didn’t even own a pair of running shoes when I first joined! Once I moved back to Toronto to start working on my Master’s degree, I noticed how much time I was spending sitting around studying, stressing out and just generally being unhealthy. I decided that I should maybe give exercising/boot camp a shot, based on a friend’s recommendation. I saw a Groupon for The Motion Room and decided to give it a try. Worst case scenario I would just attend one class.

The first class almost killed me, five minutes into the warm up I was ready to leave. But I stayed and I was surprised that I actually made it through the whole class, with the worst muscle pain I have ever felt. Despite the pain, I tried another class and it started being more manageable and less painful. I started going a few times a week, after long days at school, and before I knew it I started to actually look forward to going to the gym.

I really enjoyed the way that many of the movements were broken down, so that I was able to understand them and do them properly (unlike past experiences). Before long, I started to see results not only on the waist line, but a significant boost of confidence in my abilities. I also noticed while I was at the gym, it became a time and place where I could push everything out of my mind: cell phones, computers, tv and focus on just exercising for a solid hour. In fact, often I found that I was also able to achieve moments of clarity while working out, where I was able to solve a complex problems from my master’s project, problems I had been staring at all day. And if I wasn’t able to solve the problem, then at least I was able to take out some of the frustration on those battle ropes!

Over time I felt more confident to try more “active things”: CN Tower climb, Prison Break (trying to work my way up to Tough Mudder), kayaking, zip-lining and tree top trekking. I’ve also now recruited Marc and Chris to start coming to The Motion Room which has significantly amped up my workouts. There is nothing like working out with a buddy to help push you to your maximum at each station or keep you accountable while working out.

I can honestly say that I am extremely happy that I have found The Motion Room as it not only has helped me to complete my Master’s degree, but it has made me a firm believer and an advocate for exercise and the change that it can bring to your life.”

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