Samantha Martin has lost body fat, increased her lean muscle mass and rocked out 80’s style at our Blood, Sweat and Fears Boot camp last year. Thanks for sharing your success and for having so much fun with us Samantha!

Samantha Martin

TMR Member of 1 year


I started at The Motion Room just over a year ago when last year’s Member Spotlight was taking place. I remember reading all of the submissions hoping one day I’d have one of my own.

A year later I’m so excited with what I have achieved with the help of TMR and its awesome staff. I’ve been a member at two other gyms prior to joining TMR, one where I had a personal trainer, and I haven’t come close to getting similar results.

I’ve increased my lean muscle mass, dropped my body fat percentage and over all feel the best I’ve ever felt*. And, I actually enjoy working out. I never would have pictured myself enjoying lifting weights!


It definitely helps that they have fun events like Blood, Sweat and Fears where I got to dress up like an 80s aerobics instructor for a Halloween bootcamp.

In September I injured my rotator cuff which made working out really hard and kind of crushed my spirit – but the entire TMR team helped adjust my program and gave me tips which has been such a help in the healing process.

I’m so excited to see what fitness goals I will accomplish in 2015 with the help of TMR, including a Spartan Race in July!


We are proud to share that Samantha completed the Spartan Race and did an awesome job! You can read about it HERE.

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