Kim had her second son Phineas and joined TMR 4 months later – the rest is history! You work hard, you kick butt and it shows! Here is Kim’s story:

Kim Loria

TMR Member of 18 Months

18: Months since I joined TMR.
55: Pounds of baby weight I had to lose (see before picture)*. Disclaimer- I lost most of this before I joined but I was not toned, not strong and not fit.
5: Number of times I aim to visit TMR in a week. At the beginning I went to 3 boot camps a week and over time I added personal co-training and now usually manage to fit 5 sessions into my week. This can be a challenge with work, travel and children- sometimes I have to hire a babysitter to go to a class but it is worth it!
4: Wonderful trainers who encourage me to push myself and try new things every session. Without Jamie, Tyson, Mirela and Emanuele I would not be as strong as I am today.
33.5: Number of push-ups I completed at my last check-in (yes, on my toes!). 18 months ago I could not have done 5 push-ups and now I am doing them with ease. Push-ups are probably my favourite exercise, and while I complain about them I guess I love to hate them!
10/10: How I feel every time I finish a class.
###: My current weight. Truly, I don’t know! I cover my eyes at my check-ins and I have stopped weighing myself at home. This is a big step for me and I think a very healthy one. It doesn’t matter what I weigh, as long I am in shape and my clothes fit.
2: My ultimate motivation comes from my two boys, Cole (7) and Phineas (22 months). I want to set an example that being healthy is important and that exercise is simply a part of life like work and school. TMR is playing a major role in helping me achieve this.*

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