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TMR Member Rachel had been “in a rut” mentally and physically, something we can all relate to. After getting up the nerve to join TMR and making a commitment to herself, well, we’ll let her tell you…


Rachel’s Member Spotlight Story:

My journey at the Motion Room began 5 months ago, and marked a huge transition in my life…

I was in a physical and mental rut…having bought a Groupon in June 2013, I waited nearly 2 months before getting up my nerve to walk over to the Motion Room and sign up for classes.

                For someone who was living a very inactive lifestyle, signing up for a gym made me feel incredibly                                vulnerable and especially intimidated walking into the personal co-training class for the first time. 

RachelHaving struggled with health issues as well as severe anxiety, I knew I was at a breaking point and that I need to make a huge change. Losing weight was not my primary goal of beginning to become physically fit and more active, but more so knowing that I had to take my health into my own hands or else. My PCOS threatened rapid weight gain and diabetes as well as infertility, and along with every pound I gained I faced mounting anxiety and depression.

The first few weeks were difficult and intimidating, but I was determined to keep it up, and the staff at The Motion Room made it fun and easy to keep coming back! I am now a committed Motion Room convert, who looks forward to coming 4-5 times a week for a good work out.

5 months later not only has my physical health improved drastically, I have never been happier. Though I can see my body change I don’t use the scale to measure my success, because the way I feel says it all. It has been not only a lifestyle change it has been a life change for me. Thanks TMR!

Physical health is just one of the benefits of working out – we are so glad to see you happy and strong Rachel!

Keep up the great work!

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