Getting to know the TMR 4 Series 

The Motion Room’s 4 Series Workout Program covers every inch of your body with workouts that target Full Body, Core and Cardio, Movement and of course, Recovery! No matter which 4 Series Program you are using, 4 Series Rejuvenation is going to be a part of your life. As the 4 Series Program begins burning off excess fat and building lean muscle you will need to give yourself a chance to recover, which is why we introduced the 4 Series Rejuvenation class.


“I’m no longer concerned about weight loss, but to have a healthy life. Today I do not follow a temporary project but a new and healthy lifestyle. Thank you very much TMR. You Guys make a big difference.” – Ana Figueiredo





On our most basic cellular level, our body needs the chance to reform and rebuild after a tough workout. Our 4 Series ”Rejuvenation” promotes faster recovery using foam rollers and myofascial compression techniques. The Motion Room incorporates trigger point therapy, using your own body weight with specialized equipment for targeted pressure and to relax muscle. This program helps to ease tensions and reduce stress in your joint tissues and muscles. Whether you are trying to strengthen your body and speed up the recovery process or are hoping to bounce back from an injury, this is the program for you. Use your body weight and natural trigger points as an aid to feel your very best with 4 Series Rejuvenation!

Why is the 4 Series Rejuvenation such an important part of our exercise system?

Learn about your fascia and myofascial compression techniques with Tom Myers: 

View our schedule and come out for a 4 Series session at either our Toronto or Vaughan locations.


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