Getting to know the TMR 4 Series 

The 4 Series Classic is a full body workout that gives you the best of a traditional bootcamp, combined with the one-on-one attention of our Personal Co-Training – top it off with the fantastic results and the affordability that TMR always offers. If you are looking for a circuit routine that will challenge you and give you a foundation, you’ve come to the right place!



“The Motion Room is such an important part of my life. It pushes me to get over those challenges and to live a better quality of life, especially in the long run. What better way to train than to be surrounded by the amazing TMR team” – Jorge TMR Member


4 Series


We call it ‘Classic’ for a reason! The 4 Series Classic is a perfect foundation for someone maintaining their fitness or looking for an entry point into a group fitness training program. Our Classic bootcamp evolves on a bi-weekly schedule and is always having new routines added, so your body and mind stay challenged and focus week after week. Our trainers make it easy to start your journey and get involved with this full body workout. Plyometrics, cardio, strength and of course core training are all incorporated based on target heart rate zones. Who knew circuit training could be this much fun!

View our schedule and come out for a 4 Series Classic session at either our Toronto or Vaughan locations. 

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