TMR Member Ana has taken her health into her own hands with Personal Co-Training and our 4 Series System. After 7 months, she is having great success and has committed to a lifestyle change. Congratulations Ana!!!

Ana Figueiredo
TMR Member of 7 Months

“After gaining 20 pounds in my first year of marriage I realized I was going the wrong way when it comes to a healthy life. When I was younger I attended gym and I always controlled my eating so I believed that when I wanted I would loose everything. I forgot that I did not have 20 years and when we reach a certain age our body does not respond the same way. The cigarette and alcoholic drinks have always been part of my routine and the binge eating was increasing more and more.
I believed I could be happy living a life in this style until the results were appearing, my clothes did not fit me more and respiratory problems were increasing, I was no longer happy. I started attending gyms, miraculous massages, hot yoga classes, many attempts were without results.
Then a friend told me about TMR I looked and I found the website and I thought it might be interesting to me.
In June 2014 was my first visit I just loved it but I was afraid of being only one more try so I bought the first package by Groupon my best decision.
Each class attended surprised me, what caught my attention most was the Personal Co-Training, was exactly what I was looking for, commitment, professional knowledge and professional monitoring.
I could see from each orientation how is important to have a good professional beside you. Professionals who I found in the TMR are attentive, you do not feel just another there in the middle of so many with their individual goals.
In August I quit smoking, I started a nutritional education, I increased my frequency in the gym, I can see progress in the execution of exercises.
Then the results started to appear, my first check-in session I was 197lb and today my results are 184,2lb, breath improvements, energy increase and self confidence*.
I’m very happy with the results of today I believe I’m on the right track, I’m happy with the exercises I practice, and I feel in good company with this capable team.
I’m not more concerned about weight loss, but to have a healthy life. Today I do not follow a temporary project but a new and healthy lifestyle. Thank you very much TMR. You Guys make a big difference.”

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