TMR Member Spotlight Feature!

Gord pin points his favourite things about The Motion Room and fills us in on how TMR contributes to his success.

Thanks for sharing your experience Gord – keep up the great work!

Gord’s Member Spotlight Story:

I have been at the Motion Room for a little under a year. Like many people I responded to a Groupon, for a trial period. I have never been a weight lifter and wanted to try something different. I‘ve been active all my life but through activities like Martial Arts and various sports, rather than a weight program.
What I like:

Gord McGiverin

– The Staff;…knowledgeable, friendly, always paying attention and happy to answer questions or to demonstrate a technique.

– The fact that the workout happens within a one hour time span – including a group warm-up and warm-down.
There is no problem with waiting for equipment, as the classes are kept to a maximum size so the staff can get to you when you need them.
– The co-training format……you are working out with other people, but you are on your own program with supervision.
– The regular 3 month assessment is a really useful measure for tracking your progress in the program…and your program is adjusted to suit what you wish to focus on, and what you need, to get the results you want.

What I have also found, and hadn’t really thought about, is how much fun I would have along the way. I joke with the staff a lot, because that is one way I motivate myself while I work out. You will also see people who work out on the same days and at the same time as you do, so there is a social aspect which can help motivate if that appeals to you. Or, if you wish to keep to yourself, that is also fine.
So, to wrap it up…I’m having a lot of fun and because I’ve been training regularly, I am also in better shape. Not a bad deal!

Thanks for sharing your story Gord! Your hard work is paying off!

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