TMR Member Spotlight Feature

A mom of two who was ready to make a change – our Member Spotlight Feature is the inspirational Jacquie!

Jacquie’s Member Spotlight Story:

After having my second child, I really needed to lose weight and get healthy to be a great mom and role model to my kids.

I dropped into The Motion Room and was welcomed by James. In my initial workout with him, it nearly killed me and I left feeling amazing.

At the beginning, I could not get through a ladder warmup. I was winded and clumsy however my program was gradual and I Jacquiewas always made to feel like I could work at my own pace. Through relationships at The Motion Room I have had workout buddies, have begun to play ice hockey, and ran a successful mud hero race!
Each trainer has encouraged me and I have key memories of words of affirmation that have kept me going beyond my short term goals and helped me redefine who I am as I continue this journey. The words we say to each other are so important!
Since partnering with The Motion Room I have improved my core strength dramatically, reduced body fat by 18%, changed my nutrition and lost 60 lbs!*
Today I can skate and run without getting winded and am agile and strong on my feet. I am confident in my body and can trust it to try new things. Most importantly, I have made a huge lifestyle change. Thank you Motion Room!

Thanks for sharing your story Jacquie!

You have been an inspiration to many members at TMR and to lots of mom’s out there! 


Comment below and tell us how you’ve battled the post-baby body. 

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