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Long time athlete and fitness enthusiast Andrea Neal joined TMR in the summer of 2013. With years of incorrect form and bad habits under her belt, TMR was an eye-opener! Here is her story:

Andrea’s Member Spotlight Story:

My long journey has brought me to The Motion Room….

Growing up I was lucky enough to be active in school and had great supporting parents whom would allow me to partake in every sport imaginable. I would play hockey in the winters and baseball in the summer. In school I would participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball and every gym class would be the highlight of my day! Working on gaining a hockey scholarship I devoted my summers to the gym. I loved it and the thought of getting as muscular as I could was my goal. Little did I know that although I was working out I was actually developing wrong techniques as well as bad habits. I have been to many gyms over the years were nobody took the time to show me the correct way to perform exercises. I would do what most people do, sign up for a new gym go for a little bit then give up. Not sure if I was bored, not motivated, lazy or all of the above.

Andrea NealThe start of summer of 2013 was a rough time for me. I decided I needed to start putting myself first and focus on getting healthy again. The day I attended my first personal co- training class was the day I told myself I’m going to make this work.

The trainers were warm, welcoming and very informative. Year’s prior I was always focused on lifting as much as I could but this time around I was shown how to correctly perform my exercises. Proper form that the trainers demonstrated to me actually proved I wasn’t as strong as I thought. This is by far was a good thing. Proper form helps focus on targeting individual muscle groups and cuts down the risk of getting injured.
After a month of attending personal co training classes 3 times a week I finally decided to give boot camp a try. I’m not going to lie I was actually intimidated by the word “boot camp”. Playing sports all my life and working a high risk job I was actually scared but I tried it and I loved it! The staff are amazing during boot camps but the praise should lay with the members. Everyone is always smiling and very encouraging. When you are trying to push out those extra 10 seconds you may hear a voice (someone you have never introduced yourself to) telling you “push a little harder, you got this!” That’s what makes boot camps extra special for me. You may not be friends with fellow members outside The Motion Room but when you walk up those stairs you become somewhat of a family. The members are the best part of The Motion Room.

Today I just had my 3rd check in and couldn’t be happier with my results, but this isn’t all about me rather it is about The Motion Room and their wonderful staff and members. I look forward to booking my classes for the week and it tends to keep me focused. Most weekends’ people my age are going out, drinking and partying but I know if I book a class for the morning that I’m not going to want to miss it.

In life you need something to look forward to and The Motion Room is what I look forward to.


Way to go Andrea!

We look forward to seeing you at Bootcamp and Personal Co-Training as much as you look forward to coming! 

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