Sometimes I feel like I live at TMR! Last week in particular, I was at TMR every day except one, sometimes twice a day, doing One-On-One Training, Re-Energizer Boot Camp, One-On-One Trigger Point and the Personal Co-Training Group Ambassador Workout!


The Ambassador Workout was great!  It’s fun to see what Joseph, Nancy and James will come up with to challenge us. This workout was no exception – there were some crazy exercises that I’d never done before, tried all exercises, some with greater success than others!



As usual, we started off with a warm-up on the ladder.

The first time I walked into The Motion Room I saw what looked like a couple of slings hanging from the ceiling. They looked like torture devices (they are, go with your first instincts 🙂 and I couldn’t figure out what you would do with these crazy things. Since then I have learned that “the crazy slings” are actually called “Air Fit” and that you can work any and every muscle in your body using the air fit! I dread Air Fit! I’m still working on building core strength, it’s probably one of my weakest areas, and I don’t have great balance at the best of times. Well those two things are key when using the Air Fit, no matter what exercise you are doing. Joseph really out did himself today coming up with all kinds of Air Fit exercises for us to do.

In this exercise we had to do a lunge, but it was so much harder because on foot is harnessed in the loop.  While balancing on one foot, the other dangling behind you, you bent down into a lunge and tried really hard not to fall over!



I love this action shot of Alyssa!


The next variation was to go down into a lunge, keep your knee bent, and then jump for 15 seconds.


Proud moment, I rocked these exercises!


To switch things up a bit we did some exercises with the dumbbells… then back to Air Fit!


 Air Fit flutter kicks! Into a plank and kick your legs like you’re swimming – these really work your core! I liked these ones, they remind me of when I used to teach swimming! The move isn’t just fluttering, as we switch to knee tucks, then flip over for reverse knee tucks which zone on hamstrings.


This exercise is like a jackknife. You start off in my position, then drop your bum to the ground, like Alyssa, stand up again and then straighten your arms. It works your butt, hamstrings, abs, arms, everything!


The trainers at TMR have this funny little thing they call “active rest.”  At first you think you might be getting a break because they say rest, but then you find out that “active rest” is code for more work! Next we “actively (ar)rested” while running through the ladder again.


Needless to say I was much less enthusiastic doing the ladder halfway through the workout as I was at the beginning.


Then back to Air Fit…joy!



I like to call this exercise “Whack a mole” – it’s like the arcade game where you have to hit the mole as its head pops up.



You rotate your body back and forth so your fists and forearms move in an up and down motion. I imagine Joseph’s head as the little mole that I get to whack!! Sorry Joseph!!



I had to add this picture because this is pretty typical Liz face while I’m working out! This face says “Oh my God, we’re not done yet!!” And James, replying as always, “No dear…”



Next on the docket was leg rotations in push-up position.



Lastly, we tried to do one of Nancy’s exercises. I’m pretty sure Alyssa was the only one who was able to do it, I certainly wasn’t! From a standing start you roll on to your back with your legs up, then tuck in and roll forward and propel yourself back to a standing. Standing, check. Rolling, check. Combine the two, was that meant to happen??!?!?! We aim to improve.



Of course, keep in mind Nancy is a cheerleader!



Here’s my attempt. I could do the first part, rolling onto my back, feet up…



And this is where I stopped each time, smashing into my knees instead of bouncing up into a standing position!! I guess I’ll never be a cheerleader!



Thankfully that was our last exercise and then we got to strrrreeeetch.



Personal Co-Training (PCT) can take up to 7-10 people at a time…us three inaugural Ambassadors can only fill the camera so much soooo TMR is looking for some new recruits! Being a TMR Ambassador is a great way to push yourself to the next level of fitness. You set goals, and track your success along the way, you are held accountable by posting each week on Facebook, and you get amazing encouragement along the way from friends, family and sometimes even people you don’t know! If you are interested in becoming an ambassador starting in December, contact The Motion Room.


My next retest is coming up on Saturday. After that the countdown is on until my final retest on December 17. Wish me luck! 

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