TMR Member Spotlight Feature

All summer we will be re-visiting our fantastic Member Spotlight entries and all the success they have had. Where are they now? Let’s find out… 

My name is Andrea Grech and I’ve been a member at The Motion Room since August 2013. Prior to my enrolment I had dedicated over four years to fitness and healthy nutrition loosing over 50 lbs independently*. Reaching a plateau I decided to venture off into the area of Personal Co-training.


My curiosity stepping in through the doors led me to question ‘what am I going to learn that I don’t already know?’ What I came to realize within the first week of training was how many bad habits I had developed over the years of working out independently with no guidance.

By the first month I was still struggling to retrace my steps and relearn proper technique. With the help of the dedicated and supportive staff here at The Motion Room I was finally able to shake those bad habits and take my fitness goals to new heights. I have begun to finally understand how to accomplish goals that seemed so out of my reach. Whether you’re just getting started or, like me looking for continuous challenges The Motion Room is certainly the environment to support you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Where is Andrea now?

She had her last 90 Check-In last week and did AMAZING! Congratulations Andrea! Keep up the hard work! 






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