Over the past few weeks we have been blown away by the amazing success stories our members have shared with us as a part of our Member Spotlight contest!

We have heard stories of hardship, tenacity, willpower and self discovery. Our members have proven what we have suspected all along – getting fit is about more than just looking good, its about changing your life!

We want to take this chance to thank everyone who put themselves out there and shared their journey to better health with us, you all deserve to win! That being said, we can only have one Member Spotlight and we need YOUR help deciding who that will be.

Starting tomorrow (Monday, January 27th) we will be asking you to vote for your favourite success story. Voting will be open until Friday January 31st at 8pm. Our team will consider the votes, along with the story and successes themselves, and the winner will be announced on Saturday February 1st at 12pm. Our Member Spotlight will win 500 TMR Dollars to use on themselves or to share with a friend, and will be featured on our blog and in one of our TMR Videos (very exciting)!

So head over to our Facebook Page and get your Member Spotlight entry in ASAP for a chance to win!!!

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