TMR Member Spotlight Feature

Jessica Lorenowicz is one of the hard working TMR Members who bravely entered our Member Spotlight contest this past January. Here is how Jessica has been impacted by her time at The Motion Room so far. 

Jessica’s Member Spotlight Story:

Jessica LorenowiczHeads up before joining The Motion Room: be prepared to accept compliments on how great you look! But what is it about The Motion Room that actually made this happen for me when other fitness programmes failed me before?
I think my success has to do with the personal philosophy at The Motion Room: from the small group classes (so you can’t get lost or give up); to the expert trainers that somehow know how hard to push me; to signing up for classes online (so you can’t bail or find excuses).
Above all, my favourite thing at The Motion Room is (aside from the weight loss) is how much I actually look forward to working out now!


Where is Jessica now?

Working hard and getting stronger at TMR! Thanks for participating in our Member Spotlight Jessica! 

Stay tuned all summer long as we continue to feature our Members and all of their incredible success.

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