When TMR Member John Strevel entered our Member Spotlight contest he had only been a Member for a few weeks. Since then, he has made huge strides and we are excited to feature his success today! 

John’s Member Spotlight Story:

– Member for 2 weeks.

– Feeling great – I know this will be a great thing for me getting back into shape.

Two recent successes:

1. Touching my toes while stretching at the end of the workout. All these lunges and squats must be stretching things out.

2. Best mens league hockey game I’ve had in years. Felt 5 years younger… Can’t wait until I feel 10 years younger.

How is John doing now?

For me – I continue to see a lot of value of the program / gym.  From forcing a degree of consistency, plus ongoing ‘help / correction’ on exercise and form, to the consistent encourage of going that little bit more.

A couple of highlights

1. Have picked up running again. After a few months at The Motion Room (with the belief that the boost of strength and stability would be good) I”ve put in ~250km of running since March and have no injuries. I had typically historically had leg / knee difficulties last couple of years and I’ve had none of this…  really believe that the squats / lunges have been important.   Additionally my 10km race time was down 7 mins (from admittedly a very out of shape 10km run last fall).. cruising in around 47mins. I think I will get this down to sub 45 by the end of summer.

2. Upper body strength.  My 2 year old’s favourite activity so slam dunk our neighbours basketball net…so for what feels like hours I’m pickup him up over my head so he can ‘shoot the ball’  – he loves it…  I feel it should be added to the exercise list… lift for 2,  hold for 2 at the top.. and lower for 2.  12x,  5 sets…. with cheering/ clapping after every dunk.

I have found it harder to make 3x / week during the warmer weather and recent travel schedule … but I find when I do make it 3x I feel much better than when I can only make it 2x.

Thanks for sharing John, and keep working on those slam dunks! 🙂 

Stay tuned all summer as we re-visit our amazing Member Spotlight entries!

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