TMR Member Spotlight Feature!

Starting a new fitness program can be scary. Let’s face it, starting anything new can be scary. Our Member Patsy Chard shares how she faced her fears, got in the gym and why TMR works for her. 


Patsy’s Member Spotlight Story:

I joined the Motion Room in May 14, 2012. I bought a Groupon for Bootcamp and Personal Co-Training. My first session was Bootcamp and my heart was racing, I was terrified and I had major anxiety. I was terrified for a few reasons. What if the instructors are “Bootcamp Sergeants” who yell and scream? What if I pass out? What if I can’t do anything?

A longtime Patsy Chardmember “Jo” was sitting across from me and tried to calm my nerves. She assured me I would be fine and I was; I made it through the class and I didn’t pass out and no one screamed at me. The instructors were reassuring, kind and patient. I made it through the class and I kept coming back.

I took a break from June to September 2013 as I thought I might try another gym. What was I thinking – obviously not clearly? The other gym wasn’t for me. I never made it to one class and the few times I went I hated it. Now bear in mind this gym is a 7 minute walk from my home and the Motion Room is a 15 minute bus ride. The long and short of it was I missed my family at TMR. I signed back up for unlimited Bootcamp and Personal Co-Training. I go 5 days a week, I take Friday and Sunday off. Initially, I didn’t enjoy co-training but now I think I enjoy it more than Bootcamp. I feel like the “Bionic Woman”….stronger, faster! The Motion Room is helping to rebuild me as the bionic woman was rebuilt.

Another great thing about TMR is they are always mixing up the programs and adding new ones. Rejuvenation is great. For me it is a little bit of a love-hate relationship. I hate it when I’m doing it but the minute I stand up after that class I fly down the stairs and I walk like I’m two feet taller and I move a lot faster. It takes away the aches, pains and stiffness in my joints. For me it is a combination of massage therapy and physiotherapy! My check-in was last night and in three months I have lost 6 inches and 3.6 pounds. TMR Works!*


Thank-you for facing your fears and taking a chance on us Patsy!  You make a great Bionic Woman! 

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