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Jorge was a brand new member at TMR when he shared his Member Spotlight story, and we are glad he did!

Thanks for sharing Jorge!



Jorge’s Member Spotlight Story:

My name is Jorge Castaneda and I was debating if I should write something or not due to the fact that it’s only been a month since joining TMR, but it’s had such a positive impact on my life that I wanted to share.

Jorge CastanedaEven though I have joined other gyms in the past and tried to do things to live a healthier life, I found I was missing something that TMR gave to me from the moment I joined. It’s given me the confidence that I need to embrace a much healthier way to live my life. Yes, the Bootcamps are challenging, but now I know with the push from amazing TMR trainers, I am able to do more things that I ever imagined I could.
Without getting into too many in details, I had a difficult past. But let’s not focus on the past, rather on future and my upcoming long journey with my now new family TMR!

Where is Jorge Now?

At his last 1-On-1 90 Day Check-In Jorge had made great progress! Keep up the hard work Jorge.

Jorge Castaneda*

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