Myofascial Compression can help you enhance your recovery which is one of the most important aspects of any fitness journey!

Whether you have previous injuries or simply want to support your recovery process, you might want to consider a private physiotherapy or rejuvenation session to give myofascial compression a try. 

What is it?

Using myofascial compression techniques and your own body weight, specialized foam rollers target and trigger areas of the body to release, relax, and recover.

How does it work?

Using hand held props and foam rollers, a coach or physiotherapist will help you target natural trigger points on the body to relax muscles, ease tension, and minimize your recovery time so you can get back to feeling good.

What are the benefits?

With myofascial compression technique, you can heal your body using your own weight as well as pressure with specialized foam rollers. It’s targeted, evidence-based, and it optimizes long term performance. Bonus: myofascial compression technique relieves stress!

Healing takes time, it’s slow, and results aren’t seen right away. We understand. It can be frustrating. Sometimes it almost feels easier to commit to intense cardio or a new fad diet because it seems as though magic will happen overnight. But getting active in your own healing can set you up for success so that the big wins come with greater ease. 

The Coaching Company

An active recovery practice is key to overall health and wellbeing. If you need help recovering (in any area!) we're here for you.

As proud partners, The Coaching Company and The Motion Room work collaboratively to uplift every area of your life. Your wellbeing is more than just squats and sit-ups. 

We offer a holistic approach and we want you to thrive in every area of your life. (That’s why we created approaches like Sweat Equity at The Motion Room.) Get in touch today for a free discovery call. 

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