At 60 years old, Liz says that she is in the best shape of her life! Liz has spent the past 3+ years working out with us at The Motion Room, perfecting her form and finding the right schedule for success in her daily life.

Liz Cotman
TMR Member of 3+ years

“Three years and four months. That’s how long I have been coming to the Motion Room, three, sometimes even four times a week. I had a lot to learn in my early days, not least of all struggling with the concept of active rest, complaining that these two words were never meant to be used together. I have the hang of it now. And understand the benefit.

As the tally of my workouts climbs, other numbers like calf, thigh and chest measurements are decreasing. My fat mass and percent body fat have now settled into the desirable range and best of all, my metabolic age is lagging fifteen years behind the age on my driver’s license*. The number that concerned me the most in the beginning, my weight, has taken the place of least concern. The check-in sessions have been a great source of motivation to work even harder.

For the first few years I joined the late afternoon and evening classes. I just wasn’t a morning person. But over the past year the early morning classes have become more appealing, helping to get my day off to a great start. The most difficult part of every workout even now, is making it to the door. Once on the floor, I try my best to stay focused and get the most out of every workout. I once asked for an extra week of Meltdown (even I don’t believe that I did that) and was very concerned when my workout seemed to lack squats and lunges. I was worried that all the work I had put into getting my lower body into shape might be compromised. Emanuele assured me that I had nothing to be concerned about and of course, he was right.

The trainer team is amazing, correcting my form and suggesting more or less weight to make my effort more productive, not to images (1)mention pointing out the potential benefits of pushing just a little harder. I recently added the Polar Loop heart rate monitor that provides even more motivation to work harder and has kicked up the effectiveness of my workouts a few more notches.

So a great big thank you to Joseph, James and the fabulous Motion Room team for getting me on track and keeping me there. I am in better shape that I have been in my entire life, and at sixty, I look forward to many more healthy and active years with the Motion Room a well-established part of my weekly routine.

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