Angelique has been a member at The Motion Room for over 2 years, and recently discovered her eating habits have been holding her back. Inspired, she joined the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge. This is Angelique’s story…

Angelique Richardson
TMR Member of 2 years

At my last check-in with Emanuele in December, I hadn’t gained any weight, but I hadn’t really lost any either. I’d been bouncing within the same few pounds range for my nearly two years at The Motion Room. I had been consistently working out twice a week . Out of all the gyms or exercise classes I’ve participated in, The Motion Room is the one that has really stuck with me.

The scheduling works for me better than anything I’ve done before. It keeps me accountable and drags me out of the house even if I don’t feel like going. I’ve made other kinds of progress – improved fitness level overall, getting my feet into the air-fit (seriously, this took me over 6 months to master!), and not feeling like I would die after the 5 minute warm up. Yes there’s room to improve and the trainers help modify some of the exercises so that I can do my best. It’s Bootcamp that helped me maintain my weight for almost two years. But after talking to Emanuele about my food choices, it was clear my eating habits had to change.

Around the same time, I saw a promo for the Cityline Weightloss Challenge, an annual program where they follow three participants on a weight loss journey with nutritionist Dr. Joey Shulman.

1200 people applied, 30 were interviewed, 3 were selected – including ME!

I think one of the reasons I was chosen was because I already had a regular fitness routine in my life, allowing me to focus on balanced nutrition, food choices, and changing habits.
All my support bases are covered: My family for moral support. Dr. Joey for nutrition. The Motion Room for fitness.
I know I will reach my weight loss goal this year and The Motion Room will be a huge part of my success!

You can read more about the Cityline Weightloss Challenge here

You can watch her short Q&A video here

You can watch the first Cityline episode here, where all the participants are introduced. 

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