The Motion Room’s very own Angelique Richardson bravely went where no TMR Member has gone before… on the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge!


The goal of [the 2015] Cityline Weight Loss Challenge was “let’s bring healthy back” — and based on how our weight loss winners did, we succeeded!

Angelique, Sarah, Keshia, and Cityline’s own Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault transformed their eating and exercise habits, and the results are incredible. The four of them lost more than 110 pounds, collectively, and they all feel more energetic than ever! We couldn’t be prouder.

Check out Angelique’s incredible transformations below:

Start of program: 
Weight: 176.6 lbs
Waist: 42″
Hips: 44″
Chest: 44″


Final results*:

Weight: 150.4 lbs
Waist: 36.5″
Hips: 40″
Chest: 40.5″

You may know Angelique from her 2015 Member Spotlight Entry, where she talked about the struggles with her eating habits and the process of applying for the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge.

Angelique Richardson

“1200 people applied, 30 were interviewed, 3 were selected – including ME! I think one of the reasons I was chosen was because I already had a regular fitness routine in my life, allowing me to focus on balanced nutrition, food choices, and changing habits.”

Through the beginning of 2015 Angelique video recorded, televised, Tweeted and blogged her way through meal planning, exercising, and an overhaul of her lifestyle. She even wrote a blog post on The Motion Room (Finally Finding The Gym I Love)!

I applied to do the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge because I’m tired of being a “some” person. I do “some” of the right things, “some” of the time. I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch almost every day. I work out a couple of times a week…

…Recently I realized that I was one wine & cheese party away from 180 lbs – and at 5’3” this was not a good place to be. The time was right to say goodbye to my old “some” ways. At 45 years old, I was putting myself at risk for serious health problems down the road.

At her last TMR 1-on-1 Check-In at the end of May, she had some of the best results we have ever seen from her!



The Motion Room is SO proud of all that you have achieved Angelique, and are excited to have been a part of your Cityline Weight Loss Challenge and continued journey towards a healthy and fit life! 


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