Something personal just became social!


Over a year ago I decided that I needed to focus on getting healthy!  I started a weight loss program and had a lot of success, but something was still missing. When The Motion Room opened in December 2010 I was invited to the gym for a tour and a couple of complimentary sessions.


Honestly; I was not keen on joining a gym.


I have joined gyms in the past, gone for a couple of months and then never gone back again.   I’ve taken lots of different fitness classes and never finished a session. I am not someone who likes to workout or sweat! Having said all of that to James (one of the co-owners and my trainer) he somehow convinced me to try out 4 months of one-on-one training and the amazing thing is, now I’m hooked!! It’s been 10 months and I can’t imagine not going to TMR at least 3 times a week and working out. It’s tough, I sweat (a lot) and I get frustrated, but I am also so much stronger than I used to be, I have more energy and I feel better in almost everything I do. I’m also 50 lbs lighter than I was a year ago!



One of the things that makes TMR unique is that when you first start training you do a fitness test, then every 6-8 weeks you do a retest so you can see how much you’ve improved. This week I did one of my retests with Joseph (one of the co-owners).



There are a couple of parts to a retest: first they take your measurements and do an ultrasound of your tricep, thigh and hip, then you do a cardio bike test (this is really tough), then you do some exercises testing your abdominal strength, core strength and balance.


When I think back on my first fitness test I’m amazed at the improvement I’ve made. During my first test I could only do 1 pushup and it was from my knees. Now I can do closer to 20 full pushups! When I first started I couldn’t even think about running on the treadmill, now I run for 10 minutes as a warm-up before all of my workouts. It’s great to look at the charts and graphs they use to show your progress!


I’m really looking forward to being a TMR ambassador! After a summer of poor eating and time away from the gym for vacations I need to get focused again and get more results!  I’ll be posting once a week with the goal that by telling you what I’m doing I’m going to feel very accountable when this commitment gets reinforced with your support!  By all means ask me questions or tell me how I’m doing! Making a lifestyle change is really hard, but with the support of the amazing trainers at TMR and hopefully from all of my Facebook friends I’m going to keep pushing on to meet my goals!


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