I just had my 6 month re-test.  It went well.  I am really pleased with my results.  Everything is going in the right direction. My weight is down 2 pounds and I’ve shown strength in a lot of the tests.

I can really feel the difference in my body since getting focused on fitness.

I was recently organizing my photos that have been sitting on my iPhone.  I came across two photos that really made me realize how much I have changed over the last 12 months.

The photos below are from the Ride To Conquer Cancer events I did. The first photo is from June 2011 and the second photo is from June 2012.  You can really see how I have toned up since last year.

June 2011



June 2012



I didn’t take any before and after photos, so I am happy that I discovered these two photos that document my progress.  I know I have been making changes – I feel it every day, and my re-test results do confirm it – but I didn’t realize how far I’ve come until I put these photos side by side.

Seeing the evidence of my hard work makes it easy to remain committed to this lifestyle change.

I will continue to work hard and plan to see further results when I get to the next re-test.

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