Top Tips On Going Vegan, From health, environmental and ethical benefits, there are plenty of reasons to consider following a vegan diet. But it’s not always an easy transition, and it can feel intimidating at first… So if you are wondering how to go vegan, where to start and what to eat…

Here are some of our top tips to help you get started:

BUT FIRST… A few important disclaimers!

  1. You don’t have to be vegan to be healthy
  2. A vegan diet is not a quick fix to lose weight
  3. You don’t have to cut out all animal products overnight

Tip 1. Take It Slow

Transitioning to a vegan diet is meant to be a sustainable lifestyle change. So our first tip is to get rid of that “all or nothing” mentality!

You don’t have to go purge your fridge overnight and throw away every animal product you find… Take your time, and focus on all the good stuff you are ADDING rather than what you are removing.

You can try having one vegan meal every day… Or maybe once you finish your last milk carton you go buy some Oat Milk or Soy Milk to try with your next morning coffee! Start with small substitutes!

How To Going Vegan

Tip 2. Find Your Go-To Easy Vegan Recipes

The internet is packed with delicious recipes for you to find all the inspiration you need even if you have never consciously cooked a vegan meal!

Again, take it slow! Start by trying one new recipe every day… The easiest thing you can do is finding a Vegan food blogger you love. They usually filter their recipes by meal type so it will be easy for you to find what you need!

These are some of our favorite vegan bloggers with plenty of easy recipes for you to try:

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Tip 3. Stock Up On Vegan Snacks

Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up yummy snacks! We are lucky to live in a world packed with plant-based alternatives!

Your cravings for sweet and savory treats now and then is not going to disappear. So it’s important to have some snacks on hand that will just hit the spot!

From cookies, ice-cream, chips, pop-corn, chocolate, pizza, burgers, cakes… There are hundreds of vegan treats to try that you can easily find at most grocery stores! (And trust us, you will be surprised at how good some of these are!)

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Tip 4. Be Patient & Flexible

How to go vegan with your friends and family questioning your choice?

Patience. Changing your diet can take time and patience (towards yourself and others). Your friends and family might not always understand why you’re doing it.

When you start changing your diet, you might experience some of the loveliest people in your life questioning, doubting and sometimes judging your new lifestyle. This is totally understandable! This is completely new to them as well.

So be patient, take some time to explain to your closest friends and family why you are doing it, ask for their support and be flexible and understanding with their choices as well!

Be understanding towards other’s thoughts and opinions, and be flexible towards yourself, your journey and your choices! See more 

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