Erin swapped out her Netflix for Personal Co-Training and it’s paying off! We love that the athlete in you has started to come back out Erin.

Erin Quinn

TMR Member of 2 Months

My success so far…

Two months doesn’t seem like long enough to muster up a success story but in the short time I have been with The Motion Room I have felt nothing but success. Every time I leave TMR I feel like I have accomplished something no matter how insignificant it may feel the staff are there to help you realize how far you have come and where you are heading next.

As a former varsity athlete, I have always enjoyed competition and at TMR I have felt that competitive spirit again. Only this time I am competing with myself and I am enjoying every moment. The programs are set up to help you feel challenged but not overwhelmed and the staff are available every step of the way.

Before joining TMR a nap or some extra Netflix time would have won out over time at the gym but now I look forward to working out. Although there have been changes in the scale, the thing I have found most important is my desire to want to push myself to be better.

I look forward to my continued success thanks to The Motion Room and their staff!

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