TMR Member Kathryn Bell is letting her love of health and fitness fuel the other passions in her life and here’s her testimonial! We are so happy to be a part of her new journey and working towards a long term goal. Way to go Kathryn!

Kathryn Bell’s Testimonial:

A lot of things have changed…

The number on the scale is less important.
The “I don’t need to exercise cause I’m on vacation” is gone.

I’m sleeping better.Most of my food choices are better.

And my improved core strength is motivating me to achieve a goal I’ve had for years, learning to surf.

The best part of it all is I get to continue to taste the new dessert recipes I’m constantly experimenting with.

Kathryn's Testimonial

We know seeing results takes time, effort and patience. You might think you’re not making any progress or that it’s taking longer than expected, but trust us, every single day, you get one step closer to your goals and we’re here to support you.

Kathryn’s testimonial is the perfect example of how fitness can slowly but surely improve your life both inside and outside the gym. So if you’re ready to see some long-term changes, join us at The Motion Room!

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