Making a Lifestyle Change Is Hard

… and sometimes seems impossible.

There are many new faces at the Motion Room. This is great to see, however it will be even better when those newbies decide to do the full commitment.

Sure, joining a gym for 30 days is simple and easy at first, because your motivated and well…. excited for something new in your life. But the question you have to ask yourself, “are you ready for making a lifestyle change?”

If someone else had to answer the question, they would say “Sure you can do it!” but really; you need to want to make the change.

First step that you did was saying yes I would like to try out the Motion Room, next was stepping foot into the gym. You complete your first week and your muscles are aching. Well let me tell you, all those “fit” people felt the same.

Now, the next step is to look in your fridge, what are you eating? Is it healthy? Most likely it’s the reason that you are in the shape that you are not happy with. Time to clean out that fridge and fill them with fruits, nuts, vegetables, leans meats and healthy carbs (brown rice, sweet potato).



Once that first month is completed, look at how you feel….slowly you will start feeling stronger, more energetic! This is where you go right back into the gym the next month and say “I am ready for this lifestyle change, I am going to do this”.

The good thing about a small studio like the Motion Room, you have the support of not only the trainers and the owners of the gym but also the other members. Everyone is there heading in the same direction.



No one ever said this was going to be easy, it will take time and might take the support of others… trust me, you can do this!

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